Slaughterhouse 42

... it's almost as if we all are in a human slaughterhouse,
one demon gets us all, the Angel of Death

... the Vedic literature, which I'm studying, states somewhere, that for
bad people, Death appears very frightening, a monster, but for
good people, Death appears very beautiful and inviting,
a pleasure to be with

... I think good people look forward to dying, to be relieved that the long
path thru the earthzone is finally over, test completed

... the Vedas also seem to say, that It is actually God Itself,
as monster or beauty, as the situation dictates

... I personally believe that, but to each their own beliefs

... It appears like a big psychic transcendant Cat, which plays with
us mere mortals, testing us against the Supreme, in a game of
life and death

... my friend and I can testify to the strange effect, where
in a life-or-death situation, Times seems to slow down, a few
long seconds seem like 5 minutes

... you have to pray to the gods, to have luck in those situations

... it seems that luck, is the special gift, with which the
gods reward us for our good deeds

... that microsecond-to-microsecond control which allows you
to pull in some luck when needed

... yeah, they are slaughtering us all, some by disease, some by
accident, and most by Act of God

© 2013 by zentara