the difference between Buddhism
and Krishna Conciousness

... as I trudge along on my path to Enlightenment
I came upon the inevitable gulf between Buddhism
and Krishna Conciousness

... simply put, Buddhists don't believe in a personification
of God, whereas Krishna Concious people do

... Buddhism is the science of conciousness and the mind's
ability to grasp the true nature of our material reality

... as such, it cannot logically bring itself to take that
leap of faith to actually believe in a pure spiritual realm,
leaving only the worthwhile pursuit to be union with the
perfection of the Holy Spirit or the Brahman effulgence which
pervades this material world

... they see the Great Cosmic machine, in all it's wonder and
material perfection, which is the pure conciousness emanating
from Brahma, creator of our material existence

... so for them, the attainment of Buddahood, means to sit out
there in the space of the Holy Spirit, on their lotus blossoms,
radiating the knowledge of the Brahman effulgence

... it is a lonely place out there on a lotus blossom, and eventually
the soul of the enlightened Buddha returns to earth, where as
a bodhisattva, he or she helps those still lost under the veil
of ignorance

... it is said that the true bodhisattva will always return to
earth as long as there are lost souls needing guidance

... in comparison, a person who reaches enlightenment in Krishna
Conciousness, realizes that there is an entire new world beyond
the Brahman Effulgence, the spiritual universe, in which exist
eternal beings who are perfected in their conciousness, and never
again need to go thru the cycle of birth, disease, old age and death

... a Perfect world, that once experienced, a soul will never leave

... but it takes a leap of faith, to go beyond logic and reason,
to believe in an imaginary world, a pure spirit world

... it is neccesary to believe ... to believe in God's existence without
a rigorous rational proof

... for magic to enter your life, you must first believe that
magic works, that it exists

... so having reached the point in Krishna Conciousness, where I
realize this, it kind of makes me feel guilty, to not be a true bodhisattva,
who returns to help the lost souls of earth

... but one comes to the realization, that each soul must find
it's own way back to the Godhead, and so it is futile to
be a returning bodhisattva ... usually they get crucified for
preaching the truth

... from what I've learned so far, Buddha was, and is,
an incarnation of Vishnu, and was sent back to earth to fool
the atheists into believing in God, even if the God is only the lesser
perfection of being attuned to the cosmic machine driven
by the perfect conciousness of the impersonal Brahman effulgence

... I have to admire the Buddhist way of thinking, because they
have come upon the highest truths possible, solely by the study
of their own conciousness and logic

... but, I have seen the magic, and even though I cannot prove
the existence of higher lifeforms in the spiritual world, I
am willing to risk my earth life that it is true
... my intuition, not logic, has shown me it is true

... so my respects to all the great bodhisattvas, but I must move onward,
beyond the Brahman Effulgence

... Hare Krishna ... Hare Rama

© 2013 by zentara