the happy days

... as far as I am concerned, the greatest spritual teacher
to have impacted my life, was and is Srila Prabhupada

... when being interviewed on television, he was asked by a
reporter: "what would happen to America if it followed his advice"?

... Prabhupada responded: "it would become a happier place"

... the reporter then followed up with the question: "what would
we have to do"?

... Prabhupada responded: "start by eliminating the slaughterhouses"

... eating meat is one of the great offences to God, and quite likely,
it was the "original sin" which got us tossed out of Eden

... from personal experience of past meat eating, and giving it up, I can testify
that meat is a form of intoxication. When you eat it, it fills you
with animal energy, and at the same time closes off your direct
connection with God. This loss of direct connection with God is very
seductive, because it removes alot of guilt feelings, as you forget

... it eventually leads to your soul descending into the animal world

... beef is especially bad

... in a book of oral legends of indigenous American Indians, by
Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, he transcribed the Indian story of the Happy Days

... the story goes that at some point in the past, the Indians did not
need to kill their brothers the animals, and it was known as the Happy Days,
when happiness filled the tribes

... even the Indians knew about the detrimental effects of killing their
animal brothers

... their Happy Days ended when starvation came, and they were forced
to kill just to live

... but we, in modern civilization, no longer have the need to kill
for survival ... it is our choice to slaughter, not our need

... there are all sorts of grains, fruits and vegetables for us to eat,
and probably be healthier at the same time

... as a civilization it shows, we have descended into animalistic
behavior, forming gangs, killing for fun and profit, and generally
being war-like and aggressive

... so, what do you think should be done about people turning into
aggressive animals? It's your choice whether America once again
sees the Happy Days

© 2013 by zentara