painted faces hide the truth

... I was listening to On the Media's Bob Garfield's rant against
Jenny McCarthy's position on the cause of autism,
and her position that vaccinations are causing it

... I've said this before, but I will say it again.
I was listening to a University of Michigan reseacher
who claimed there is solid evidence that chemicals in
women's make-up, is more likely the cause

... so I would like to say this: I think Jenny McCarthy's
need to prove that vaccinations are the cause of autism,
is an attempt to dump the guilt onto someone other than herself

... painted faces tell lies, and she will make up as many
lies as needed to deflect the guilt from herself

... did Ms. McCarthy ever consider the effects of all the chemicals she
slathered all over her body as she posed for pornagraphy?

... how about the karma of just doing the porn itself?
... or the drugs she probably popped during that wild phase of her life?

... how about the stuff she slaps on her face everyday so as
to appear youthful and wrinkle free as she does daily poses for the public?

... modern women are afraid to show their true faces, and they
hide behind a daily mask of chemicals ... dosn't she think
that it might have affected her child?

... the make-up industry has powerful lobbys, and I have no doubt
they are using McCarthy's rants as a way to deflect attention from

... there is no proof either way, but I just had to say it

© 2013 by zentara