why worry

... the absolute truth is, that we, as human beings
are all already dead

... irrefutable scientific proof shows that everyone
will be dead in as little as 125 years

... knowing this fact of life, means that I am
already dying, and I know it ... just a matter of Time

... life has now become a game of choices and karma,
in which I negotiate the terms and conditions of my
next life

... God wants to give me what I want and desire in my
next incarnation

... so what should a man, really want for a life?

... to be rich and powerful? ... will that make me happy?
... I doubt it

... to be happy all the Time
... maybe that is the ticket

... so the game goes something like this: everyone has memories
of their lives, and we make up stories in our minds to make
sense of the memories

... we make sense of it, when we give meaning to the events
in the stories ... that is the essense of karma

... that is where your personal power is, because YOU get
to assign meaning to all events ... you see the karma of it all

... so back to the original Terms and Conditions of Life,
you can ask for anything, but nothing occurs in a vacuum,
and you must accept the unforseen consequences of what you

... I don't know what bardo I am currently passing thru,
but I am in it.

© 2013 by zentara