saving the world

... I see there are 2 types of people,
those that what to save the earth, and those that say F*** it.

... why do some people, including myself at times, consider
the human race so destructive and messed up, that we are
glad to hear forecasts of its possible or probable demise

... our generation, the last few in particular have lived at
a good time, where Nature was kind to us, keeping water and
food available on our tables and in our refrigerators

... I'm in a good mental frame now, so I am thinking of what we should be
doing to maximize the chance of long term survival as many people
as possible ... if that truly is the goal of our actions

... the first thing needed is water, and you don't know how important
that is, until you've been without it

... the world population explosion and climate change are going to
change the way we get water, and the amount we can use

... I can see ocean water desalination units popping up all around
the coastal shorelines ... I wonder how efficient water desalination is,
and wonder if it could be run off of solar power

... water is the elixir of life, we are dry dry dust without it

... it all makes me think of a beautiful oasis and pools of agua

... just floating in a pool of cool clean water is one of the best experiences
available on earth

© 2013 by zentara