the old 3 way

... I read in the news today that some sort
of genetic splicing has been perfected over
in Britain, allowing for 3 people to produce
1 child ... a more perfect child ... taking the best
from each

... the perfected menage-a-trois

... as I watch the news, I see tremendous changes
coming fast ... all the space-age stuff is starting
to become true ... killer weapons up in space, space tourism,
genetically enhanced people

... I suppose the next generation will gleefully accept
the world they are handed, but me, I couldn't fathom
the loss of the natural world ... a cold sterile life
up in space ... everything under a bubble of air

... desalinating piss to conserve water and redrinking it
is a real good test to see who is space qualified

... I suppose if you were genetically engineering people
to live in space, you would make them small, so they could live
in small quarters, consume less resources, and get thru tunnels easily.
They should be cellularly designed to be radiation resistant.

... a friend of mine does make claims of seeing a tiny midget, no more than
2 feet high ... but full grown, carrying a duffel bag. I wonder
if that was the new space-age prototype human?

... Now that the Supreme Court has ruled Same-Sex marriages legal,
why not bump that up to 3 or 4 or even 5 or 6 way marriages. The very
best genetic traits of all taken to produce 1 Golden Child for them?

... the future is just beyond the space-time event horizon

© 2013 by zentara