sports riots

... it seems that some cities use sports
to unite their citizens in a common cause,
but did it actually do Chicago any good to
win the Stanley Cup?

... I mean the pictures and videos of riotous street celebrations
made it look like a scary hollywood movie

... why do people get so emotional about sporting events?

... I mean hockey is exciting, and I've fallen prey to
rooting for the home team, but now I wonder, I wonder
if the surprise end of Game 6 came because the Big Bosses
in Boston thought:
"we don't need no riots here, let Chicago have it".

... but it is the circus, with which the new Roman Empire
entertains and distracts the citizens

... In the old Rome, they would have satisfied the blood thirst
which seems to exist within humanity, with sacrificial virgins
... maybe some lions eating them alive at the Half-time at the Colleseum show.

... but our modern laws do not allow that sort of beastly behavior
anymore, though I wonder how low would humanity sink if left
unteathered by the laws of karma?

... the videos of the street crowds made the term unruly mob come to mind

... I liked seeing those Chicago cops on horses,
it gave them good practice, and they may need it soon

... they showed great precision, you got to love horses

© 2013 by zentara