digital dementia

... you may see alot of programming related
stuff on my website, but be warned, I* have
pretty much given it up ... it absorbs too
much of one's brain power ... distracting one from the God
all around us

... so I heard a new term today, digital dementia,
coined in S. Korea, describing an ailment, that
affects heavy technology users, in such a way, that
they become functionally incompetant, or slow to react
to the real world

... of course, I think the real world is an illusion,
but it's the main illusion out there, and it pays
to be alert to it

... I know how it was, to be addicted to that world,
hitchhiking constantly on the information superhighway

... it was an escape, into the imaginary world, where
programs and numbers accurately ran everything, sort of
like a heaven for a person who likes being in that hemisphere of the brain

... but it is a world that we made up, is useless, and
greatly taxes our brainpower and abilities to interact
with the main illusion

... digital life is so pure and predictable, there is no pain
there, and it's more exciting than my boring-ass life

... but you can get lost in there, and it will turn
you into something of a zombie, with a multi-tasked mind

© 2013 by zentara