the Strawberry Moon

... we got lucky this cycle, the big full moon
occured just at the right time to be on a weekend

... full moon weekends are quite the thing from my experience

... one of the dogs even started howling before sunset yesterday

... there is the light of the moon, in which everything
is seen as black-or-white, the clear color distinction
of the animal conciousness ... yes, no ... go, no-go

... I saw a picture of a wolf chasing a motorcyclist
the other day, like a domestic dog would chase a car

... the primal instinct ... he was probably checking
the cycle out, to see if it was faster than him

... that reminds me of a story I heard on the radio
about the ancient original Olympians ... one of the
biggest winners, the all-time kick-ass winner of all
the original events, was eaten by a pack of wolves
on his way home after an event

... wolves get me quite spooked

... some of the old books say that some souls who made it, made
it to the dark side of the moon, are awaiting their next
reincarnation on earth as rewards for their previous lives
... it's like a big party in the sky

... the Big Party in the Sky, is what most of us are looking for,
but don't let the dark side of the moon fool you, there
is something even beyond

... but what is beyond the dark side of the moon?

© 2013 by zentara