the first day of summer

... the summer solstice has finally arrived,
the longest day of the year for us in the N. Hemisphere,
and the shortest for those down under the gaze of the
Southern Cross

... as opposed to the drought conditions of the past
few years, this cycle brought us much spring rain

... everything is lush and green, rain drops really
are pennies from heaven

... the great rain cycle ... I am in awe of the
Conciousness behind all of this

... it truly is a miracle to be alive incarnated as a human
and to see the rain, the big rains

... Miss Warm Moist Ocean air meets Mr. Coolness from the poles

... the mass flow occurs

... the tornado season seems to be over, and now
the hurricane season begins

... more free water droplets ... if the water is fresh,
don't complain

... summer makes me think of water

... I wish I had a year round heated swimming pool with
ultraviolet filtration

... only the natural indigenous indians way back when,
experienced that natural pleasure for free ... nowadays
it comes at a cost

© 2013 by zentara