Muon disintegration

... I was reading about a huge magnet that they
are transporting to be part of a Muon disintegration

... I wonder if that could be used as a ray beam?,
a phased Muon beam, like a laser, but with some ass-kicking
matter beam behind it? Just wondering.

... also, I heard a story about a modern scientist
who claims to have successfully quantuum teleported
information ... information travels only, no actual material

... it is sort of speed of light communication, where
2 events can indeed occur simultaneously

... it verifies my beliefs in the hidden dimensions,
I can only imagine what goes on in the dimensional depths

... when I sit and meditate, I like to think about the
speed I'm going compared to the rest of the universe's reference frame

... the earth rotates, giving a rough estimate that at the equator,
you are at least moving at 1000 miles per hour, and that tapers off
as you move north. Then there is the travesal of us around the sun,
then the motion of our galaxy in the Milky Way, then on and on on up

... up to where? Here. :-)

... as we zip along, giving off around 40 million neutrinos per second,
we are like a big recording unit in the sky, a perfect cd recording of our
entire lives, just laid out there in the corkscrewd neutrino fields

... you can't hide the truth from God, no matter how hard you try

© 2013 by zentara