think fast

... everyone upset over US government surveillance,
and quoting the book 1984, should remember the other book
of that era to forecast a future for the world

... it was Huxley's Brave New World, where a bunch of
well meaning scientists run the world, .... there still
is no privacy, but at least it isn't war-like

... I prefer Huxley's view to the future myself, although
I don't ever intend for myself to incarnate into it

... it's just the better half of a bad deal, better off in a
peaceful scientific utopia, than a constant state of war

... the overpopulation problem has to be dealt with, one way or the other

... along that line of thought, you just have to admire the
Chinese, who have just built the world's fastest super-computer

... you have come a long way little cherry blossom, from peasant revolution
to world leader in technology ... 33.8 petaflops per second
... all within my life's memory

... I wonder if the supercomputers nowadays can accurately model
a crashing wave of water, like a beautiful surfing wave's horizontal vortex tunnel,
moving through spacetime, all in perfect unison ... the perfect wave

... thinking fast is good for technology, but thinking slow is
what is good for happiness

© 2013 by zentara