the name of the game

... I'm sitting here, a blob of water and microbes,
who somehow has gotten the chance to become aware

... aware of the passage of Time, and the eternity of Time,
and experiencing something called conciousness

... and it dawned on me, that conciousness is awareness of Time,
and that Time is God, or God is Time, and our position is
whichever way you want to perceive it.

... the buddhist gurus say that conciousness is actually
a principle building block of the material world,
just like quarks and strings ... conciousness is a fundamental
aspect of reality ... we can't deny it dosn't exist

... only a complete incompetant would try to deny Time

... litTle bits of Time are flying by as I write this

... then it dawned on me, that we little bits of Time,
are mere mortals, but mortality is good, because most
of us need release from the cycle of birth and death
... release from the pain

... we must learn to migrate into
the spiritual realm ... make it to the mythical heaven,
the Garden of Eden

... how you surf that Timewave is what counts

... what you subconciously dream often becomes real

... Master know thyself

... the Game begins as soon as actually believe the
above thoughts are true, you control your
own destiny ... God makes it about as fair as possible

... it is good to ask for God's protection :-)

... that is the best of my understanding, as to how
the world really works

© 2013 by zentara