I'm a vegetarian, but ...

... I have been pretty successful at removing meat from my diet,
not for any health reasons, but for karmic ones

... it's a rough lesson learning not to kill and eat meat

... but I must admit, at peril of my eternal happiness, that
I kill mice, rats, bugs, and even a rabbit or 2

... I don't like killing mice, with their little black
eyeballs staring at you from the sprung trap ... I think to
" see me, remember my face, and tell all your little friends to stay away"

... killing insects, especially flying insects that get indoors, is a
particularily entertaining game to play

... you know insects, as soon they get the chance, when you are busy
or sleeping, they will land on you and bite ... so it's you against them,
kill them while you can

... the strategy for swatting insects successfully, with a fly swatter,
can take some learning, but once you learn the enemy's habits, they are
no match for our superior technology and intelligence

... in our little ecosystem here, there are many natural controls
on the insects, so recently I have had very little trouble with them,
but the summer is young, wet, and cool ... perfect breeding conditions

...I sure pray that the one obstacle to my gaining entrance back into
heaven, is not my desire to kill insects and vermin.

... what's a poor boy to do?

© 2013 by zentara