the poor old tribe

... I heard on the news today that a 900 mile bicycle
ride has been started retracing the Cherokee Trail of Tears
... the one where a whole tribe of people were forced off
of their land, and forced to hoof it 900 miles to Oklahoma,
most on foot

... it must have been rough on them, people dying by the
roadside, and just being left behind, there goes grandma,
there goes ma, all to make room for the big farms and
plantations to come in

... at the same time, I hear there are still people trying
to make the Washington Redskins change their name

... to be honest, I think would be an honor to have attained
the red man warrior status, it honors the braves, the fighting men
of the tribes

... it's like in Dances with Wolves, the indigenous people were
the righteous ones

... I'm surprised that some indian tribe hasn't already sued
the Washington Redkins for Trademark infringement, or some other
copyright law, saying "we had it first, even before the white
man's society came to conquer

... there would be alot to think about on that 900 mile commemerorative
bike ride, as bicycle seat chaffing starts to burn painfully

... pain teaches you how to endure

© 2013 by zentara