happy Memorial Day

... well happy Memorial Day to those who still care
about it ... soldiers and innocent people dying

... I worry about me dying , :-) I guess mahatma eludes me again

... but it seems that the whole world has been fragmented
into war-zones and peace zzones, thank God if you
live in a peaceful one

... imagine living as if you didn't know if you would
live until the end of the day ... a bomb hit, an artillery shell,
rocket attack... the list goes on and on, but you feel
the immediacy of life and death, as if a bear was chasing you

... I can only have nightmares about the human on human brutality
that is going on on earth, and pray that that karma never comes my way

... I don't need war, I live simple, I can survive .

... but to all the souls out there, those who died in battle,
I hope your Elysian fields are green

© 2013 by zentara