a great movie

... a lesson on why people need to keep their guns,
and how to tell the good guys from the bad, was learned
by me today, in the story of a small Mexican hamlet,
who cheered the arrival of government military humvees

... the town needed protection from a new cartel down there,
who was embargoing the hamlet and burning down buildings for their

... only the national guard and army could help them

... so the army usually confiscates all weapons from a town it
is protecting, but will return them, to each owner, when it leaves

... a few groups of survivors, would not surrender their weapons,
and put out a sign on the highway, saying to the effect:

"Dear wonderful army people, we are not surrendering our arms, as
requested ... we would rather die from a bullet from you, than from the
stinking, mother-forking cartels, those sick sons of bitches"

... those are the good guys protecting themselves from lawlessness

... it's like Pancho Villa all over again ... maybe a modern
Magnificent 7?

... but it clearly shows, why people should be allowed to keep their
guns ... warlords and gangsterism pop up quick when prolonged disaster
conditions exist

... afterall, the government is running out of money, they even admit it

... so who is to say, where and when the local police won't even have
enough gas in their vehicles to meet threats

... think if you call 911, and the response was, "sorry, we ain't got no gas"

... when it comes down to It, I seem to be in an area called earth, blockaded
by the devil and his minions, making me conform to It's system

... and as such I think I would rather be killed by God, than the Devil

... makes sense to me God, drop Big Boy right on my POS

... when you take me, take as many of the devils out, as is possible

© 2013 by zentara