the golden calf

... it took awhile to get an honest pope to be
head of the Catholic church

... the new pope's admonition to the materialistic
leaders of this world, that there is too much
worshipping of money, is about as spot on as
one can get

... the human race is still worshipping the golden calf,
the same one Moses was infuriated with, in the old story
of the 10 Commandments

... the worship of the golden calf has brought misery,
unhappiness, and vast inequalities to the peoples of this world

... good for you pope, tell it like it is

... regardless of what the Wall Street movies like to portray, greed is not good

... St. Peter awaits the wealthy at the Gates to Heaven with
many questions, which to be honest, are pretty hard for a rich
person to answer

... I am glad I'm not well to do

© 2013 by zentara