the perfect modern macrobiotic diet

... as a hobo looking for the easiest cheapest healthiest
stay-alive food, something which you could eat day after
day and keep you healthy and alive, yet is relatively cheap and
needs no refrigeration ... I think I've found it

... it's branflakes, whole dried almonds, and sweetened condensed
milk, diluted with water to taste
... almonds give alot of good proteins
... needs no refrigeration
... relatively cheap
... it can hit with hot sauce too, to make a less sweet,
but hotter and saltier version

... speaking of refrigeration, some Russian scientists say that
a cooling is coming, leading to the possible next ice age, and
this hooplah about global warming should read:
Climate change leads to next ice age
... it's been awfully cool lately

... so the worry about the ppm's of atmospheric CO2 hitting new heights,
like the stock market record highs, is actually good news ... it's keeping us warmer,
... it makes the days warmer, but it also makes the wind swirl
... and that is a good thing, I think

© 2013 by zentara