I can't give it back

... I was thinking what I would write if I was to
enter the NPR 3-minute fiction contest. This may be
the last thing I write, but this may be the last chance to warn

...they say that Big Brother will be welcomed by most Americans

... it's only later that it turns

... I found these glasses on the street, and they had a computer
screen, camera, and microphone all built in ... cool... I could walk around
all day connected

... I became a zombie of the Borg, but that wasn't the worst of it

... the worst was they then offered these hats which when worn
in connection with the glasses, could read your emotional state,
and interact with the network connections with Big Brother central,
where by sending certain computer feeds, they keep you in their world

... all by some advanced sensors and signal processing

... they found that they could make you feel happy, sad, or depressed
by manipulation of the brain waves directly

... at first it will seem cool, but it turns into a nightmare

... a nightmare where you cannot take the glasses off, without
experiencing suicidal feelings ... you feel disconnected, alone, lost,
without them on

... so I found these glasses and I can't, I won't, give them back

© 2013 by zentara