body with a soul or soul in a body

... In a book on reincarnation, a well known philosopher
stated that the difference between Eastern religions and
those of the West, is that in the West, people are instructed
to believe that their body has an entirely new soul, a soul
just born along with their new human body. Wheareas the East
knows that each soul has had many lifetimes prior to attaining
this human form

... when I was young, I thought I never want to die,
I want this life on earth forever

... but as I grow older and gain wisdom, I find life on earth is
really burdensome, and quite frankly I am eager to get it
over with, it taxes the soul by forcing it to engage in
the rat race

... too much suffering, too much turmoil in the world,
too much pollution, too many people who think that they are
entitled to heaven on earth, when in fact the very reason
they are here is because God thru them out of heaven for being
guilty of wanting to be gods unto themselves

... even now, modern scientists are claiming that a God is not
neccessary to understand how the world works ... oh well, it's
the same rejection of God which got us thrown out of Eden to begin with

... it is the nature of the human being

... but, after coming to the awakening to the immortality of the soul,
I'm ready to ditch the human race for something better

... what and where you might ask? ... as far as my puny human
mind can gather, it is to exist in the spiritual planetary
system, where we are not bound by a material body

... in the pursuit of this dream, I've had to battle with
the earth goddess, who, by her very nature, and the laws of reincarnation,
wants me to make more human babies ... babies which would allow
me, or others, to once again reincarnate into human form

... after seeing what my present human life has experienced, I
could not, in good faith, create more of it

... this created a stand-off with the goddess, wherein the goddess
of earth demanded I prepare for another earth incarnation, but I,
knowing that I have a free will, simply refused

... this caused all sorts of consternation amoung the gods, and
ultimately spirits from beyond the earth intervened

... I cannot begin to convey the battles which I have fought in the dream world,
using my right of free will, to gain my chance at release ... disasters
have happened, ugly clashes with humans who want to stay on earth,
and unspeakable karmic curses on the evil inhabiting this planet

... all that said, what I find interesting now, is what is happening
to the souls who travelled with me on this journey thru earth incarnations

... I have owed karmic debt, and karmic debt has been owed me, and my
life has been a dance with the various souls involved, but now, that I am
leaving the stage of earth, I wonder what these souls who are left behind
will do, when the main dancer is suddenly missing?

... some people say that I have made a deal with the devil to get my
current peaceful life ... but it was a deal which God forced the
devil into making, and there is a substantial difference in that fact

... I sit here, on an increasingly materialistic planet, witnessing
the devilish desires of the human race all around me, witnessing the
human race degenerate into something I do not want to be a part of anymore

... most of my karmic debt has been paid, and I'm ready to leave, and God
has instructed the devil, to leave me be

... of course, the devil and his minions of lost souls always think they
can sneak in and get a bite out of me, but God has surrounded me with
defences, and whoa to the world when the devil tries to bite ... that
is the deal I have with the devil ... a Mexican standoff negotiated by God

... so there it is, and I sit and wait for the angel of death

© 2013 by zentara