on the road to enlightenment

... I was listening to NPR's On Being this morning,
and listened with interest as a respected theoretical
physicist pontificated on the cosmos, especially on
the idea that religion is not necessary in order to
understand the cosmos and our human reality

... it is a futile point to argue, since religion talks
about things, which by their very nature cannot be proven
to exist by science ... mass-free energy cannot detected
by our limited science, and that is where God and the gods exist,
in the realms of mass-free energy

... the scientist self-admitedly made the point that maybe he has not yet
experienced the event sequences in his life, event sequences which for others of
a less scientific bent, point to the existence of creatures greater
than us

... it is quite an assumption to make as a scientist that human
beings are the epitome of concious life, that there is no higher
life forms than us

... it would seem to me scientifically, that in the absence of
proof of higher life forms, we should assume that we exist
somewhere in the mid-range of the bell-shaped curve ... that
many life forms are below us, and many may be above us

... I was in school for many years myself, and now that I've
dropped out, and tuned in to my inner mind, I can see how the study of science
can inhibit one from attaining God-conciousness

... if you allocate your brain power to the scientific method, you
are leaving less brain power to seeing the higher life forms in action,
as they work their magic thru Time and the event sequences

... when you become a true monk, you devote your entire conciousness
to seeing the higher life forms, and things which science claims
to be pure coincidence, suddenly become meaningful events and
road markers on the path to entrance into the world of pure mass-free energy

... I must say that all of the scientific discoveries throughout human
history have only deepened my appreciation of how God works in our lives

... if I was to ask the professor one question, I would ask if he believed
in the concept of atma or soul and reincarnation, because without it, our lives become
meaningless ... meaningless to the point of why bother trying to
understand life at all

... a human life is a very special incarnation. It is a life form which took
many incarnations to attain, and is a life which allows us to glimpse
into the world of the higher creatures with our conciousness.

... once you sense the presence of the higher life forms, the only
wise thing you can do is dedicate your life to evolving to be able
join them in the higher plane of existence, because you may not
get the same chance again for many millions of incarnations
... who wants to be stuck on earth?

... but I do hear his point that science does free us from the antiquated
beliefs which prevented us from seeing our true place in the cosmos

... our religious beliefs need to be constantly updated, to account for new
scientific discoveries, as the Buddhists do, but all the new discoveries
all point to a more refined understanding of God, and higher life forms

... we are not just mud on the earth, that somehow has pulled itself together,
but we are children of the cosmos, and we are not the highest life form

© 2013 by zentara