what do the N koreans believe in?

... I was musing with some friends over the current
N. korean situation ... what to do?... what is the
proper karmic response?

... after watching a bunch of action movies lately,
I thought, why not knock them a good punch, with the
hidden notification to China, then let the Chineese
take over and turn it into a new industrial zone,
with plenty of cheap workers ... who needs war? I don't.

... the N. koreans would become prosperous like the South

... who needs to be treated like dogs by their own government

... all this prompts me to ask, what does the N. korean's believe
in? ... what is their god? ... and why dosn't their god want
the people to be prosperous?

... why dosn't the Great Leader say to the world: yes, let me
beat my swords into plowshares and high tech machinery ? ... so
my people can live lives with plentiful food and opportunities?

... it boggles my mind that the leadership of N. korea can keep control
over the people ... don't the people want to leave?

... so... I wonder what sort of god do they have, that lets them behave
in such a counter-productive manner?... seems like bad karma to me

... that's what I think about this, and I was born in 1951, and for
some Jungian reason, I feel like I'm being forced to fight this war twice

... what is, and what does the N. korean god want from our god?

© 2013 by zentara