holy sh*t it's just like the old wild west days

... I saw a bad sign in the news today, that all
the prosecutors and district attorneys, especially in Texas,
and prison personnel are under serious life-and-death threats from
various gangs

... I also read that mexican cartels are extending their
tentacles into the US, and law enforcement everywhere
seems jittery about it, feeling that their families
are threatened

... it's just like the old wild west days, where there
was no sheriff in town ... I fear the only solution may be
a round of police vigilantianism, where guys in black hoods
and big black cars just make people dissappear

... we in the US are still lucky it hasn't come to that yet

... but it seems soon, that we will need to circle the wagons,
and have all security people, and their families who feel threatened,
to willing live in special villages ... neighbors to their brothers in arms

... also, with budgets being so tight, I think we should consider
putting gang members in tent camps ... if they are tough dogs,
they should be able to live in a tent outdoors

... if they burn their own tents in protest, then they sleep on bare ground

... this might be my last message for awhile, my inspirations
have been low lately, and if I don't having nothing good to
write, why write it?

© 2013 by zentara