we all got to die one day

... Happy Easter to anyone reading this

... at my age and wisdom level, I see Easter
as a celebration of assured rebirth ... you
know you are going to die, yet most don't
want to consider it in their conciousness

... to have a successful life means that
you don't have to reincarnate ... your lust
for the pleasures of the material world is over

... unless you are a very high special soul, re-incarnation
means you flunked out on your last life, and you didn't
learn some simple lesson

... reincarnation is real enough, but anyone who has
attained human level conciousness, should realize that
reincarnating back into earth is a complete folly

... so, where do you go when you jump out of your current

... Jesus did it, according to the belief system,
the Catholics say he was eventually assumed back into
heaven, another dimensional state of sorts

... I don't know anymore about all that pomp and
circumstance, but there is a place for everyone in the future

... I also see now why they refer to
making babies as making time

© 2013 by zentara