travelling at the speed of thought

... a few weeks ago, an online argument erupted, wherein
it was mentioned that my own very site here, has words to
the effect, if you use it, it would be nice to mentioned
the source... namely me

... however, upon greater reflection, if my thoughts, which are freely
given to the network, get read more because someone else copied them,
and thereby spread them ... it still gets my original thoughts out there
for others to consider, in light of their own life experiences

... Einstein, I think, said there is no stopping an idea whose time has come
... if he didn't think of it, it would soon dawn in the minds of everyone
else who is asking the right questions

... many others detect the same thought waves as you, and if it is good,
no matter how it gets spread, the spreading is good

... maybe some day, my writings here, will be known as
Uncle Joe's Little Book of Third Eye Wisdom ... heh heh heh

... so! may my thoughts penetrate your defenses, and may thinking always be free !!

© 2013 by zentara