feeling the cool breeze again

... the thought about dying by feeling the cool breeze
has entered my head again, a victim of circumstances beyond
my control

... reminicient of the tale of the monks who refused
to concede to superior force, and were burnt alive,
but the fire felt like a cool breeze

... in today's context, the cool breeze would be the
feeling you would get if you were instantly vaporized
by the heat of say an h bomb going off, or maybe a Tunguska
sized meteorite going off over a populated area

... the same nerve endings which detect heat also detect
coolness, it's that our minds react to it differently

... so, if it's neccesary that I die by instant vaporization,
let me be right at the center of the main event, so that the cool breeze
would be fast and almost instantaneous

... and if I die and there are survivors who need to tell the angels,
and Vishnu_detas where I wanted to go, tell them to send me to Krishnaloka,
that's what my ticket says

© 2013 by zentara