[La Santa Muerte from AP news]
the 7 bardos and La Santa Muerte

... what a strange game I've seemed to have fallen into

... after watching the movie 13, I mused with the people
around me, what are the odds, if we were playing this game,
that which one of us would be the first to die ... no foul play,
just which kicks the bucket first of natural causes, be it
disease, old age or accident ... whatever was dictated by the
Tao in the great flow of things

... feeling guilty about the secrets which lie deep in the
hearts of men, we decided that no one except insurance company
actuarials should place bets on who dies next

... then a wave of death seemed to appear, my ex-sister-in-law's
sister dies, then a guy who was a frequent visitor down here in the valley,
being a cousin of a fellow farm member. Then Borazhovsky ( or whoever that Russian
was), murders everywhere, military accidents ... like all within a few weeks

... and now, after La Santa Muerte took ole Johnnie Keith, as we
called him, as our winner in the local game, it has been decided,
and we start the next round

... all I know, is that these deaths seem to come in clusters, they
come in all at once, then taper off for awhile ... until the Santa Muerte
needs to harvest again

... the game is reset, a new cycle has begun, may the play be fair

© 2013 by zentara