death: kissing your Higg's bosons goodbye

... the Higg's boson, or the so-called God particle, is that property
of the world as we know it, which gives us mass and
the susceptibility to gravity ... it traps us here on earth
and in the material world

... when God threw the human race out of Eden, He
condemned us to be bound by the Higgs boson ... bound
in the material world ... subject to the rule of the
Lord of the Material World ... the Devil

... but He gave us 1 great gift ... that is to die, and take the
opportunity to shed ourselves of the material prison which holds us here

... at the end of each birth-death cycle, our souls are
given the chance to be liberated from the confinement by the Higgs

... many are given the chance to be released, but few actually
take it. Why you might ask? Why would a soul decide to come back into
the bondage of material existence, rather than to go off into heaven?

... some are doomed to, because of the bad karma they have accumulated
in their previous life

... some are overwhelmed by their desires for the temporary pleasures
of material existence ... food, sex, power, wealth

... in the material world, you can make believe that God dosn't exist,
and that appeals to many, who reject the rule of God, so as to be gods themselves

... but a few will decide they have had enough of the suffering which
the material world presents ... hunger, thirst, loneliness, disease,
war, and all the other crap that we are forced to face down here in the mud

... but you can be assured, that God is merciful, and He has given us death,
so we can once again chose between God, or taking another big bite out of
Eve's apple

... prepare, and choose wisely, death comes to everyone

© 2013 by zentara