a zen buddhist's view of the God particle

... I heard on the news that the scientists at the
big collider in Europe have finally identified the
so-called God-particle ... that property which gives
energy its mass and susceptibility to gravity

... I guess they needed to make sure it was clearly
distinguished from a graviton

... I'm no expert, but from my meditations
and limited experience on this, I have to reassert
the conventional buddhist thoughts on the topic of particle smashers

... first, they are just smashing protons into pieces,
so what we are actually seeing are the broken pieces

... I'm not trying to denigrate the value of their research,
but smashing things into pieces is a far cry from actually
creating a proton from the very same pieces

... can they create a proton from these constituent energy
fields? Not even close.

... so, they have not come close to understanding the creative
process ... the process the Tao uses to manifest reality

... second, assuming the Higg's boson is indeed the God
particle, the particle which gives us presence in the material world,
it might better be called the Devil particle

... Why? Because God lives in the pure energy world, where there
would be no Higgs particle, no mass-equivalence to the Energy

... whereas, here on earth, it seems that our bodies are vessels
which hold our souls prisoner in the material world ... a world
commonly seen as run by the Devil

... smashing protons to pieces is also a very Devilish thing,
due to it's destructive nature

... manifesting a proton out of the dark energy fields would be more God-like,
I definitely would sit up and take notice if they accomplished that

© 2013 by zentara