... alot of life altering events have passed since my last entry,
and as luck would have it, just as I turned on my radio this
morning, I was immediately hit with a story on how wise it is
to make out a proper will ... is that synchronicity or what?

... I have one, but it really needs to be updated to reflect
my current situation

... as one existential philosopher put it: We are all on death row.

... yesterday, in the course of an intense discussion between
4 older males who are all facing death, It was said to me that
I play the blame game in all of this death business

... It didn't strike a nerve, but it pinched one in my stream
of conciousness, as I realized that is exactly the game I see
played in my head ... the blame game

... my retort was everyone plays the blame game, and if you don't
play it, you leave yourself open to being victimized by everyone else
who does ... you must fight back

... it's kill or be killed in this rat race modern world, and if you don't
lay blame on others, you are forced to internalize it, and that just
crushes you

... every religion out there has a strategy designed to win at the blame game
... the priests and gurus all promise freedom from the guilt of past sins,
by following in their flocks

... but the truth is, it is a delusion to think that someone else can
deflect blame from you ... you must stand up and defend your own soul

... you must assert your own innocense, and be prepared to defend yourself
against those who assert you are a guilty soul

... we are all caught in an unatural world where we create bad karma,
we create the conditions for bad luck, just by living the rat race lives we are
forced to live ... how can you defend yourself?

... the blame game is the only thing you can do to defend yourself

... you just come to the conclusion that this mess we live in is not
of your making, and you declare mentally to yourself that you are not
responsible for it

... you declare that if someone is going to suffer or die as a consequence
of this lifestyle, let it be from those who desire it ... you blame
it on someone else ... you make the shit flow uphill

... so after much consideration, that is the way it is with me
... I see karma, both good and bad, being created all the time, and
if you don't deflect the bad karma away by paying the blame game, it falls right on you

... it always makes me think of that great song by The Band, called The Weight

... everyone who hears that song knows deep down inside the poetic meaning,
especially the refrain:

Take a load off, Annie
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Annie
And (and) (and) you put the load right on me
(You put the load right on me)

... now that is what I'm talking about

© 2013 by zentara