the rockin new monia and the boogie woogie flew

... I was talking with somone about what dangers face
us mortals here on earth, and came to the conclusion
that it's the little things... the invisible things...
the viruses and microbes, which are our greatest threat

... and as luck would have it, 2 days later I caught one of them

... the one thing I've learned from my years of not having
healthcare or a doctor, is that most ailments are nature's way
of correcting an imbalanced condition in the body's biome

... I knew it was coming ... something wasn't right, I could
sense it, and my body decided my sinues, ear canals, and lungs needed a cleaning

... so for a day and a half nature did its work, I must have blown
out a quart of snot ... but now I feel so much better ... all that
nastiness had to come out

... I'm glad I didn't get no stinking flu shot, because now I have
developed my own personal immunity

... pneumonia used to be the biggest killer of older people, and
from what I understand, it is a pretty painless death ... the
angel of death couldn't be more compassionate than to get you
with pneumonia .... you lay down, get sleepy, then die

... oh well, the angel of death decided it wasn't my time, so
it's over for me ... now I feel healthier and stronger, but it was
a rough peanance to go thru, to pay the karmic debt of my
lousy modern lifestyle

... thank God for paper towels

© 2013 by zentara