portals to the universe

... I was listening to the NPR show On Being and the
discussion was about the existence of other life bearing planets
out there in the universe

... the guest coined the phrase that human beings are portals
to the universe, meaning our minds are capable of contemplating
the concept of the big cosmos out there

... we are made in the image of God, and as such, we have
the ability to use our infinite imaginations to see the reality
greater than us

... the point I want to make, is that the Great Conciousness tells
me that to successfully migrate to these other worlds, we must
change into a form suitable for those worlds ... going there
in rockets is impossible ... only the eternal self, in it's pure energy
form can make the transition thru the space-time continuum to get

... humans are made for earth, and we are like fish out of water in space

... so thats my 2 cents about it, there are many other worlds out there,
but you must die as a human to get to them

... but, if you have reached the point where you realize that you must
eventually leave earth, forget about planets in the material world, and
go for the brass ring, and try to transmigrate to one of the spiritual planets,
where the burden of a material body is not needed

... Krishnaloka is out there waiting for us, but one must die to get there

... we are so attached to our human bodies, that we desperately seek ways
to go to heaven with our human bodies, but it just can't be done

... the great news is that the transition can be made
... it is the source of all hope

© 2013 by zentara