seeing the real world

... I heard a story on the radio, about how many high ranking
llama's, the Buddhist monks from Tibet, are leaving their monasteries
to have encounters in the real world

... many of them, are called rinpoche, meaning they are
reincarnated spirits of past monks, and very honored

... being on the path myself, I see this as a good thing

... these high ranking souls really need to get exposure to
the modern world so that they can see the karmic problems
facing mankind

... it's good to have Buddhist monks out there in the real world,
experiencing the pleasures, pains, and pitfalls of modern life

... I was lucky to be born in the United States, in good times,
with good parents who took care of me

... therefore I have seen and experienced many of the things going
on in the world, which allows me to have greater compassion for the
suffering of modern people, including myself

... this is not a failure on the part of the wayward monks, but
it is the workings of the Great Conciousness to make these monks
get out into the mainstream where they can teach and learn about
this wicked world, and thereby help others out of the quagmire
of modern materialism

... the world needs them more than the moanastery does

... the earth may be approaching the greatest changes that mankind has
ever experienced, and the monks need to get out there and raise the
conciousness of humanity by their words and work

... it's funny, but after many years of living in modern materialism,
I wish for myself, to go back into the monastic life, just as a means of

... it's dangerous out there

... I wish I could find one good female monkess to keep me company

... more importantly, the one thing I miss, and any rinpoche coming out into the real world
may miss, is the Tibetan funeral ceremonies afforded to the monks in the
high monasteries ... to be fed to the condors, and guided thru the bardo's
by fellow monks who know what is happening to the spirit

... but you learn, there is a way

© 2013 by zentara