all pray to the sun god for mercy

... I saw 2 interesting articles this morning.

... One, is that the chineese year of the snake will
start Sunday, which is a good thing ... it means alot
of change, since the snake sheds its skin

... the second item sort of overshadows number 1, and
it is the fact that we can expect a massive solar storm
to hit earth soon ... they say it hasn't happened for awhile,
and we are due, according to historical records

... the mass coronal ejection, as it is called, probably
wouldn't bother us, except we are so dependent on electricity
now ... our modern lives center around it

... it may knock out all satellites and the human's electrical
grid, so there will be no power, possibly even conventional backup generators
won't function, if they are based on rotating coils

... even spark ignition systems on engines may falter, or be blown out
by the initial magnetic pulse

... it could last weeks, where the entire world would be without
electrical power... no refrigeration, no fuel, no water, everywhere

... what would you do, if there was nothing to do all day, but
sit around a campfire drinking boiled creek water, just waiting
for the cell phones to start working again, or for help to arrive

... help that never comes

... so, the next time you think of the sun, remember to think
nice thoughts its way ... because we are its children

... and nice children don't bite the hand that feeds us

© 2013 by zentara