tiger tiger burning bright

... I saw the video today of the tiger trainer
at a Mexican circus, who got mauled to death
by his tiger, while in the show ring, putting
on a live show in front of a screaming audience

... I'm sorry I'm making fun of this incident, but
my first reaction was to laugh

... the tiger actually pulled the trainer's pants down, with
one quick swipe of the claw, and the trainer tripped
as his ankles were then bound with his own pants

... now I don't know if the tiger intended for that to happen,
or if he was just trying to claw the guy's ass off, but it
sured looked like an excellent judo move to me

... it was hilarious except for the fact that the cat then
decided to give the now prone and helpless trainer some
payback for all mistreating it had been getting

... I'm one of those people who have no compassion for those who
do stupid things, like get into a cage with big tigers, or
climb mountains for no reason, or whatever risk is your pleasure
... mine probably would be hang-gliding

... the nuns taught us in grade school that it is a very grevious
sin to wantonly risk your life ... makes sense to me

... and as my buddy says:
If you mess with the bull, you best be ready to deal with the horns.

... to be honest, I was rooting for the tiger, when I watched the video

... I don't know, somehow I felt compassion for this beautiful cat,
who is superior to us humans in many ways, being forced by a lesser
creature to do tricks

... sooner or later the cat would explode in a rage

... people are alot like that. We can get ourselves confined
by the limits of our minds, and it makes us very unhappy to feel caged

... I guess we are lucky to have booze, maybe the tigers need a drink
every now and then

... a little Jack Daniels will sooth the savage beast

© 2013 by zentara