poor little space monkey

... I saw a photo in the news today about the
iranian monkey space mission, it was a photo of the backup
monkey strapped into his rocket harness

... it was the saddest face I think I ever saw on a creature

... it made me feel great compassion for the poor monkey

... I don't know what I would do if I was the monkey, probably
try to blow the rocket up to make sure they got nowhere with
experimenting with me ... I'll teach them a lesson ... I'll
make them all be my slaves in the next life

... I wonder what Hanuman would do, if he saw one of his monkeys
restrained like that?

... on the other hand, I heard a village somewhere in 3rd world-land
was recently ransacked by a pack of wild monkeys, killing a few people and dogs

... it happens all the time I guess, you need to feed them, and
give them offerings at the edge of town

... they just run thru terrorizing a village, to claim it as their territory

... they ain't taking no shit from humans

... so now I'm conflicted in my compassion for the monkey, is the monkey
my friend? ... or a pest like a super intelligent rat?

... maybe I could be friends with the orangatangs, they would kick
the monkeys collective asses

... oh well, have a happy ride there, little space monkey

© 2013 by zentara