the Blacao at Carnival

... I read that they have a special parade at the
start of Carnival, that is animal friendly, and everyone
dresses up their pet animals, especially dogs and roosters,
and they parade around

... since we have dogs and chickens running free
thru our compound, always on parade, always doing
something ... it makes me think about the web of life

... we have pitbulls and chickens running free together,
but the pitbulls respect the chickens because we yelled
at them for killing a few when they first encountered
each other

... a good pitbull is very smart, it dosn't want to
offend its owner, and it will obey when told to stop

... I find the pitbulls to be almost psychic in their
bond with their masters ... I love pitbulls, but we did
have to kill one mean nasty male because it would bite
the hand that fed him

... that's bad ... never bite the hand that feeds you

... chickens are smart too, in their own way. They are
incredible vacuum cleaners, methodically scouring an
area for insects and bits of food

... they are like mini-rototillers, just ripping the
ground mulch apart with their dinosaur-like claws

... the wild gamecocks are especially smart. One
gamecock had five wild chicks, but only 2 survived,
one black, one white

... after observing chickens doing their thing, wild
and free, I must really admire their design and modes
of operation

... the one thing I'm glad of though, is the fact that
chickens are smaller than us, because I do believe that if they
were bigger than us, they would hunt us down and eat us,
like a raptor dinosaur would

... but this is a balanced world, and things like that
don't happen anymore

... all of our monsters now are in the hidden energy fields

© 2013 by zentara