the biggest thing out there

... I was reading today that some scientists have found
the biggest structure ever seen by man

... with some sort of advanced spectrum sensors, they
have found the structure of 2 super galaxies colliding

... these are galaxies of galaxies colliding, kind of
one notch up from the Milky Way level

... my fascination with galaxies made my ears perk, when
I heard a story that dung beatles use the Milky Way as their
navigation beacon

... and here I am, fascinated with the Milky Way

... where will it take me? Am I just like the dung beatle?

... alot of people say I'm a shithead, so it makes sense to me :-)

... the old Egyptians worshipped the dung beatle, so that's a plus

... all I know, is we humans are a fragile bunch, here on the surface
of the earth

... at the mercy of the Sun, who could decide to throw another Ice Age at us

... at anytime the sun could drop a degree or two, and only a few see it coming

... you know what that means, can you handle that truth?

© 2013 by zentara