the great SuperBowl event

... I remember football before the SuperBowl was even
thought up, and I hate to say it, but it has become
as boring as modern materialism

... what once was a battle supreme for bragging rites
as the best, has degenerated into a carnival
... sort of a media-made holiday, second only to

... it sort of is this military-industrial complex holiday,
of head bashing and half naked cheerleaders, which
exites everyone almost like the Colosium of roman times

... but I lament the loss of a real game, it's all hollywood now

... gone are the days when teams are sequestered in
secret locations, waiting for the moment of kickoff,
so they can kick-ass ... now everyone must get out and be interviewed
or seen partying in cool places with gorgeous girls around

... even the game itself is altered, with forced official
timeouts, so that some companies can show their commercials,
whilst the players stand on the sidelines wondering where
all their momentum has gone

... even the outcome of the game is constantly in question,
with all the book making that goes on

... that said, the superbowl parties are usually always good,
and may you have a good one

© 2013 by zentara