what's out there in the galaxy?

... maybe it's just that the earth is getting too over
populated, or too polluted for my tastes, or maybe it is
because I am finally attaining enlightenment, but lately
I've been thinking of myself being less attached to the earth

... I'm separating off, splitting from the herd, and heading
off into the mystic world ... and the first thing I encounter
is the galaxy, the Milky Way

... what is this giant collection of mass and energy?

... in my mind's third eye, I see the Milky Way as a
spiralling waveguide, the spinning wave emanating from
negative to positive infinity

... a waveguide for what? ... a waveguide for conciousness

... you can scream in your mind, and the scream is heard

... heard in the dark energy fields of the cosmic conciousness

© 2013 by zentara