the 100 foot wave

... well for some crazy surfer out there, the
mountain did come to mohammed, a giant 100 foot
wave gave him a ride off the coast of Portugal

... waves, everything is waves, waves of water,
waves of energy, waves of conciousness, waves of good times,
waves of bad

... I remember being out on a sailboat ride across
the n. pacific, with what seemed like 80 foot swells

... just sitting there on the boat, riding up and
down on the swells, like a roller coaster ride

... the captain later told me, he thought that the rickety
sun bleached wooden plank ship was going to break up,
but luckily it didn't

... the site of those giant rollers just building behind
us is burned into my memory

... being in the trough was the scariest part, a wall of water
in front and behind you

... but we survived, and I've since learned that Time is flowing
exactly like the ocean's big rollers

... sometimes big waves come at us, but most often, the waves
are small rollers, suitable for playing and relaxing in

... I think the most enjoyable things I've ever done, is just
to bob up and down as the slow low rollers come in ... just put on
your snorkel gear, and then make like a seal and float on your back

... but sometimes, the really big waves are thrown at you, and that
is where you need to know the Sport of Kings
... how to surf the Time wave

© 2013 by zentara