the binary crop circle

... today, I heard for the first time, about a binary
crop circle which displayed an alien holding a disc
which looked like a cd with binary data enscribed in
a circular pattern ... see below

... my first reaction is that some freaks at brainwash
central, are trying to pull a hoax on all of us
... it is a well known technique of the mind controllers
in times of domestic stress, to get people believing in
something out-of-this-worldly ... ufo's, ghosts, etc etc

... the thing which I personally find odd about this whole
thing, is that the presenter of a youtube video on the topic
of these binary crop circles, is the same guy speaking in the
Frequency of Genius videos about a Grand Unified Theory of the

... so what if they are real? They happen so quickly, if reports
are correct, that it would have to be some sort of quantuum level

... I'm thinking along the line of quantuum entanglement

... we are only beginning to understand how the dark energy
fields work, and maybe there is a way to transmit information
across the star fields using some tachyonic device

... maybe they have mastered the ability to do this

... on the other hand, it could be a message sent back by me,
after I'm dead, to let everyone know that it is all true
... I look good, eh?

... apparently, we have some smart scientists on earth who
could figure out what the binary disk said, apparently
they took alot of Klingon in college
... it goes as follows

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there.

... I don't know, it sounds like the work of some demented
MIT grads, but if it is true, then the technology used to
send the messages is worth investigating

... it could also be the Great Conciousness just telling us
that we indeed are not alone

[binary crop circle]
© 2013 by zentara