mirror mirror in the sky

... I was able to sit and stare at the full moon last night,
it was so clear, that I could even see the man on the

... prolonged staring at the full moon will do something to you

... ancient beliefs say that all the powerful souls who are destined
to return to earth, exist together on the dark side of the moon,
waiting for their next incarnation ... maybe it's like a big
spiritual cocktail party in the sky?
... I wonder if Ghengis Khan's soul is there? Maybe he wants
to try and make a comeback?

... it is such an interesting effect to stare at the moon

... it reflects the brilliance of the sun ... you can really
see how bright the sun is, considering it's millions of miles away

... it also is a prime demonstration of one of the more mystical
aspects of light ... that is, we can only see it, if it reflects off of something,
otherwise it is totally invisible to our eyes

... do you see any light from the sun at night, when it is blocked
from view by the earth? No.

... the sky is dark until the light reflects off of the moon

... but once those photons hit the moon, they bounce
back to us to show us the reflection, but only the reflection
can be seen

... it forces me to ponder what a photon emission actually is

... from my limited understanding of it, the mystery lies in the
fact that technically a photonic wave emission is like a bubble
expanding out at the speed of light in all spatial directions from
a point source ... it's a 3 dimensional wave emmanating outward

... but the photon is only seen when it is captured, at which point
it acts like a particle at the point of capture, instantly collapsing the
expanding bubble wave front

... but therein lies the paradox: how can the expanding bubble wavefront
know that the photon has been captured at a different point
on the wavefront, since the wavefront moves at the speed of light?

... to me, this suggests that information can travel faster than the speed
of light

... somehow, the photonic wavefront expanding at the speed of light, can be
informed of its capture, and that its conversion from wave to particle has occurred
... all wavefront energy is instantly collapsed to a point, to provide the energy
to the photon as a particle

... the most obvious observation to me is that something must be occurring
in the dark energy fields, and since there may be energy fields which have
no mass-equivalence in the hidden dimensions, there is a theoretical mechanism
which allows for faster-than-light information transfer

... like I said, staring at the full moon will do something to you

© 2013 by zentara