getting what you want

... I was watching Jane Eyre the other day with
my buddy, and as we both drooled over the thought
of being Jane's lover, he said to me: see, if you
reincarnate again, you could come back and be a hot
princess like Jane Eyre

... I laughed about it, but after thinking a bit,
I realized, yes, I would then become the object of
my very own desires ... you become what you want,
what you desire

... I must confess, I would be a sweet little princess,
it must be the X chromosome which I carry,

... a Lithuanian X chromosome, as my mother would always
point out

... but countering my male lustfullness for my female side,
I had a vision, a dream, a communion with the spirit world,
where the goddess says to me: if you truly want to come out here,
into the world of the gods, you must leave this all behind

... so I must leave it all behind, to go where I need to go,
I must leave it all, even the desire for earth girls

... that is what I find most difficult about the path to
trancendance ... dying isn't so bad, but the thought of
leaving behind all earthly cares, desires and concerns
seems impossible
... it's like asking a baby to crawl
out of it's mother's nice warm womb and start sucking
air and breathing for itself

... I've already accepted the hand of the goddess, and
I'm not getting cold feet, it's just a question of when,
where, and how for me
... I will be delivered to the feet of Krishna
... and she will hold my hand till we get there

... it seems my whole job in the big picture of existence,
was just to ride shotgun for the X chromosome, which I accompany

... create daughters, move the X forward, hold at all costs
... that is the primordial urge

© 2013 by zentara