terahertz radiation

... I was reading today, about new scanners
the NYPD are using to see if someone is carrying
a weapon ... you can't stop it, since it is just a
reading of what your organic molecules give off
naturally ... metal dosn't radiate it, so it appears
as a shadow in your outline

... it reminds me of the neutrino emissions we all
give off from the Potassium isotopes we consume
... thats right, our body's 20 milligrams of beta
radioactive Potassium 40 emit about 340 million neutrinos per day
... if only we could see them

... neutrinos are fascinating

... but the terahertz range is even more fascinating,
since it operates in that no-man's land in the wave-particle
duality, where neither pure particle physics, nor pure
wave mechanics apply

... is it a wave? or a particle? ... only the quantuum
experts have the answer ... it is both at the same time,
and that mystifies our understanding

... I guess the scanners could get fooled easily though, by people
wearing metalic clothes, or some other way to fake out
the terahertz radiation

... what about weapons made of organic materials?

... I'm going to start wearing my tin-foil hat again :-)

© 2013 by zentara