it's H2 man

... with the recent dreamliner lithium ion battery
failures, it seems the cry from the engineering community
is that we need a better battery ... the next generation
beyond Lithium-Ion

... the gods are telling me, the answer is hydrogen fuel cells

... the H2 molecule is the most common element in the universe,
and it packs the most energy, because its bond-energy to mass
ratio is so high

... they have been talking about them for years as the ultimate
power source .... hydrogen based fuel cells ... they use them in
space, and I think a few corporations power their offices with them

... small amounts of H2 can be produced locally, using solar
power, in a way that might be combined with the fuel cell to
make what might be described as energy loop, a living entity
... it absorbs sunlight and water, and makes H2 thru hydrolosis
of water, the very H2 which would power the fuel cells to make electricity

... almost like the mitachondria of a hydrogen eating microbe

... if you want to know what the end game is in all this technological
progress, it's the hydrogen economy

... moving toward anything else, is dragging your feet

© 2013 by zentara