loneliness and health

... I just read a report about the effects of
loneliness on health

... loneliness is rough, and I believe that I have been
placed on a lonely path, but I'm not complaining, because in my
book, the alternatives are worse

... there are alot of problems with being socially active
as an adult ... all the viruses and germs you get exposed
to in crowded places

... when you are young and feeling sexy, it seems like fun
to jump into the germ pool ... hormones overwhelm caution

... when you get older though, you realize its best not to
be in crowded elevators, or to go around wet kissing and
rubbing people who would otherwise be strangers to you

... we all are lonely inside anyways ... each and everyone of
us is on a silent trip inside our own heads and minds

... all socializing does is make you temporarily forget that you are
eternally lonely inside

... we are eternally lonely ... can 2 or more souls truly merge?

... or is love on earth, just a trick the gods play on us,
a trick used to keep the human race going ... the kama sutra

... I have to admit, I would love to have a compatible, eternity
minded child of the universe, to come and be lonely with me, be my mate

... we could be lonely together

... but like I said, I think I chose the lonely path along time ago,
because I would rather have my mind dwell on heavenly thoughts, rather
than the daily grind of raising a family

... I hear statistics both ways ... some say married men live longer,
but some say a monk will live to be very old, not having all the bad karma
of the world to put you into an early grave

... all I know now, is that I'm getting increasingly bothered by having
to force this body to do what needs to be done ... I want to shed
the baggage, and just be pure conciousness once again

... I can envision my end being in a state where I no longer want
to get up and eat or even drink water ... just the pain of it all
will make me give up ... I guess you would just dehydrate and die

... pain forces me to face the ultimate existential question, with
each and every painful step, I come closer to clarity, it's a catch-22

... if your path to heaven, required this pain, this test, would you take the challenge?

... it's a lonely journey, that is for sure, but I'm glad to have
gone that route, since it allowed me to find the goddess and the other gods

© 2013 by zentara