life on Mars

... I read today, that researchers studying Mars, have
found evidence in a crater, that life does, or at one
time did, exist on Mars ... but probably in the form
of fungi and microbes which live deep underground

... microbes can live on hydrogen, that is an interesting revelation
to me, since the spatial universe is full of hydrogen

... as a matter of fact, the hydrogen out there is so
thinly and evenly distributed, that it is the reason why we cannot
ever get our spacecrafts to attain near-light speeds
... when you get to real high velocity, the hydrogen
begins to act like air, then like water, buffeting your
craft, and possibly heating up too much from all the friction

... it should not be surprising to find life there on Mars,
since we find it in the most inhospitable places on earth

... the real question that everyone wants answered, is this:
how similar is the DNA structure? ... I'm sure it will interest
more than a few philosophers

... similar DNA on earth and Mars, would show the hidden hand of God

... a blueprint for bio-chemistry built into the dark energy fields, which
manifest anywhere conditions are right

... we are lucky on earth, our planet's bio-chemistry has had a great deal of
time to manifest creatures of ever-increasing complexity

... the hidden patterns in the dark energy fields make it all possible

... it even makes it possible for you to sit here and contemplate It all.

© 2013 by zentara